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Dear dudes who don't understand Japanese

(Available language : English/Porangish(my mother tongue) Portugueseversion is under development )

This software is for dividing a file into some.

"What fuck is file-division software? Aren't they all the same huh?"

Oh,did you say that?

Okay,okay,let you show mine,GOCHA-GIRI , This is just a little bit different from another ones! alternative! wow!

This software is NOT aimed at carrying the divided files, but PREVEND FILES FROM BEING DELETED by servers.

(I know you've been uploaded huge files with tender loving care... you never wanna let them go,do you?)

Why wanna avoid being deleted?

...well,it's because, beond doubt, to refer your special files which size too large to bring at another place .(I also know you upload a huge file of dissertation or something to make it downloadable from some other machine...maybe your school... very often... isn't it useful enough to think of other usage? )

gotta it?

Of cource normally dividing function is also available,hey, why don't we go out with shattered files saved on floppy disk ?

Well,for reference's sake,if you wanted to compress files, please use exsisting great softwares such as WinRAR or the like.